Hi, I’m Simon and Italy is my passion. But the greatest one is Italian men’s fashion. Over 100 years of companies stories, colourful characters, tradition and the highest quality – all that you’ll find on my blog. Italian men’s fashion industry is like a bottomless pit.

On my blog I describe, count, value, but first of all I admire.

“When I came to Rome at the age of 26, I fell pretty swiftly into what might be defined as the whirl of the high life, but I didn’t just want to live the high life, i wanted to be the king of the high life. I didn’t just want to attend parties, i wanted the power to make them fail.” – Jep Gambardella, “The Great Beauty”

One of the first things where my fascination to Italian fashion started was 5 minutes observation of the tailor workshop interior on one of the Neapolitan street. Two years ago I was a total fashion greenhorn and I didn’t pay attention to these Italian goodies.

However, I was fascinated by a view which took place behind dusty window of this small workshop. The street was crowded, full of chaos, such typical for South of Italy.  There were heard voices raised, horns, noises of scooters riding between cars.

On the other side of window two or three tailors were working on textiles, not paying attention to street life. They seemed to be absorbed by their work, completely cut off from the world.
It was an amazing view – as if in one place meet two different worlds – chaos and calm, improvisation and precision. What a pity I didn’t take a picture and didn’t note the name of this workplace and the street on which was it. The same with Rome.

You don’t know what I’m talking about? Watch “The Great Beauty” of Paolo Sorrentino.

Why Italian market? I love a classic style with a hint of individuality and Italians are the best in linking these two, not so distant, worlds.